Child [Phan AU]

Child [Phan AU]

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Tyler [he/they] By yourlazyauthor Completed

Parent! Phan (kinda). 

Warnings: swearing and mention of death (message me and I'll tell you where it is). 

Dan got a girl pregnant but then realised he wasn't straight and got left with the baby. Phil was in the same situation but slightly different. They both go to a gathering for single parents and Dan and Phil have a conversation. They become good friends and eventually more (that's a spoiler bUT IT'S A PHANFIC LIKE AT SOME POINT THEY'LL HAVE TO DATE).

I swear to God I have only just read this and I haven't read ahead, but I hope she doesn't die. And if she does, I hope it's some crazy inception plot twist.
My lungs will Phil and then Danflate. The Phil with fire and exhale dansire.
dec28baby dec28baby Aug 09
Am I the only one that thought about Emma Lee (Joe and Caspar's daughter doll)? 
                              Okay, I'll leave....
I'm listening to Alexander Hamilton rn while reading while cleaning my room so same
Muzakon Muzakon Sep 08
Phil: 'hey Dan you know what I would call my child if they had your last name?' 
                              Dan: *sighs * what? 
                              Phil: 'wolf' 
                              Dan: never heard that one before.*sarcastic tone*
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