The Alpha's Unwanted Mate (BoyxBoy)

The Alpha's Unwanted Mate (BoyxBoy)

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XxLovesCookiesxX By XxLovesCookiesxX Updated Oct 31, 2016

Mark laughed. "Everyone hates you, no one wants to be your friend and no one would want you to be their mate!" Sobbing I pulled my legs into my stomach and just stayed there crying. I could move the numbness around my body continued. 

I look up through my tears, the whole pack was there watching and laughing with the Mark.

I Robert had finally had enough of this shit, I hate being treated like shit from everyone. I get up with my jaw locked in anger. The pack stopped laughing and watched on what I was about to do.

"I'VE HAD ENOUGH OF HOW YOU HAVE TREATED ME. FOR 8 YEARS YOU'VE TREATED ME LIKE SHIT AND I HAVE HAD OF NOW!" I shouted rage taking over me. I walked up to Mark and shoved my finger in his chest. 

"AND YOU! I HATE YOU OUT OF EVERYONE!" Marks face turned into rage, he grabbed my by the wrist ... But sparks flew in between us instead. I looked at Mark and his face shown pure disgust. 

I whimper. "GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!" With that I ran through everyone barging through everyone and locking myself in my "room"  I sat on my bed and cried and cried until I fell asleep.

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You stupid a$$ motherf*cking b*tch!!! You're gonna regret everything and beg for your mates forgiveness!
babylove111l babylove111l 6 days ago
I didn't come for straight sex if I wanted that I would read normal books
He cums hella fast like dame only lasted literally three seconds
Me and your wolf are gonna go sip some tea before we beat the life out of you for rejecting our child
babylove111l babylove111l 6 days ago
Well his going to be yours so I would refrain from doing that said by me the moon goddess can't do that, that would only be a bite mark. I'm gonna laugh when she finds her mate