The Angel's Casket

The Angel's Casket

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Perfectly-You By Perfectly-You Updated Apr 14, 2015

Kalisia 'Kali' Truson: a girl with a dark past and an even darker, life-altering secret. 

Daniella 'Dani' Faolan: a seemingly sweet and caring girl with a deadly future. 

Kali is quite content listening to music and living her life as a loner until the new kid, Dani, intrudes into her life. Surprisingly, all goes well.

That is, until she comes across her best friend's headless, mutilated body. 'Wolf Attack' everyone claims it to be. More 'attacks' start to occur, putting everyone's life at risk. 

Together, Kali and Dani promise to bring the wolf down and avenge their fallen friend. Along the way, the truth is discovered:

The murders weren't done by a simple wolf. Rather, something more... sinister.

As they try uncovering the murderer, Kalli and Dani walk a trail of deception, anger, and bloodshed. The farther they walk, the more lost they become. 

The question is, will they survive the treacherous path?


Daniella was touching the ground where the casket was buried and started lowly muttering. She traced the name before clenching her fist and dropping her hand. Her voice started to get louder as her anger and hurt increased.

"... and why did you have to leave me Kalli?! I loved you! I LOVE YOU, GODDAMMIT! I need you back! You're not gone; you can't be dead! Why did you have to leave, knowing you were going to get hurt? I want you back! I need you back! You're not dead! You're still alive! You're just playing a joke on me, aren't you?" Danny let out a depressed giggle. "Well, it's okay now. You can come out. I won't be mad when you come out here. Just come on! Please! You're still alive! You're still here! I know you are!"


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