Mafia Boss loves me? manxboy

Mafia Boss loves me? manxboy

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Brown.Barbiiee By TamiaXP Updated Jul 01

Austin Tim O'Brian was your average 18 year old that worked with his uncle at their family bar. Austin lives on his own but still lives close to his uncle which raised him since he was a young boy. He lost his mother when he was a young boy and his father was murdered by an unknown person 2 years after his mother's death. Life goes on though until he meets this man at the bar in a expensive suit.

The man sat in the curved booth alone with his alcoholic beverage watching everyone's actions. It was like he was waiting for something that'll never come. He had a strong jawline, bluish grey eyes, tanned skin, black slick back hair that looked like it was made fresh everyday,  and he also wore a very flashy watch on his wrist. People in the bar started to decline at 2:00 am but some stayed. i walked over to the man to refill his drink.  And he asked me.....

"Aren't you Austin?"

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WizardoEdd WizardoEdd 2 days ago
Girllll no hate or nothing but you need to learn some grammar
WTF i thought it was a girl that the man fell in love with ughhhhhhhh
dumatrea dumatrea Nov 27, 2016
I find it weird that he can sleep after reading that message. I would not be able to sleep a wink in that situation. 😱😱😱😱
Never_Juliet Never_Juliet Nov 24, 2016
I would turn around and say 'tlThis is my time to leave.' And dash out the door
Roses are red,
                              Thorns are prickly
                              We can all say
                              That escalated quickly
LoveDaPigeoms LoveDaPigeoms Aug 28, 2016
Its funny how well hes taking this if this were me itd be a totally different situation I'd be freaking the fuk out