Mindless Behavior Love Story Rated R (The Prince-Ton)

Mindless Behavior Love Story Rated R (The Prince-Ton)

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Hey this story is about a 4 girls named D'Mya , Dajea,Syntara, and Marvelous. When D'Mya's mom buys the girl tickets to see MB (Mindless Behavior) They end up getting "friendly"! 

D'Mya : Age : 23  BF: Princeton 

Dajea : Age:22 BF: Ray Ray 

Syntara: Age :23 BF: Roc Royal 

Marvelous: Age:22 BF: Prodigy  

Prodigy:Age:23 GF: Marvelous 

Roc Royal: Age:22 GF:Syntara

Ray Ray: Age:20 GF:Dajea 

Princeton: 23 GF:D'Mya 

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Savage_4_Life Savage_4_Life Jun 25, 2017
What's her full name?
                              Favorite color?
                              Favorite food?
                              Oh wait I forgot you don't know cause you've only known the girl for 5 minutes and you already asking her to be your girlfriend
That reminds me of the video where the chick was like it’s cold outside but I’m still dressing like a Thotie cuz a hoe neva gets cold
Dancing4lifeky_ Dancing4lifeky_ Dec 23, 2016
She too fast , they didn't even know each other for a minute 💀😩
puppylove245 puppylove245 Dec 22, 2015
Oooooooo y'all tryna get y'all freak on oooo y'all just met though *dancing and singing* ayeeee sorry I'm turnt right now
LAGirlArriaa LAGirlArriaa Jul 05, 2015
please please go check out my book.  {The Crying Game }a santo August love story (roc royal )
cutiepie126483 cutiepie126483 Jun 22, 2015
let one of dese bitches say sum again a hoe gone die*gets gun