Mindless Behavior Love Story Rated R (The Prince-Ton)

Mindless Behavior Love Story Rated R (The Prince-Ton)

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.kay trippy. By -trippypositivevibes Completed

Hey this story is about a 4 girls named D'Mya , Dajea,Syntara, and Marvelous. When D'Mya's mom buys the girl tickets to see MB (Mindless Behavior) They end up getting "friendly"! 

D'Mya : Age : 23  BF: Princeton 

Dajea : Age:22 BF: Ray Ray 

Syntara: Age :23 BF: Roc Royal 

Marvelous: Age:22 BF: Prodigy  

Prodigy:Age:23 GF: Marvelous 

Roc Royal: Age:22 GF:Syntara

Ray Ray: Age:20 GF:Dajea 

Princeton: 23 GF:D'Mya 

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Savage_4_Life Savage_4_Life Jun 25, 2017
What's her full name?
                              Favorite color?
                              Favorite food?
                              Oh wait I forgot you don't know cause you've only known the girl for 5 minutes and you already asking her to be your girlfriend
Celestevegar Celestevegar 5 days ago
That reminds me of the video where the chick was like it’s cold outside but I’m still dressing like a Thotie cuz a hoe neva gets cold
Dancing4lifeky_ Dancing4lifeky_ Dec 23, 2016
She too fast , they didn't even know each other for a minute 💀😩
biangsiaga biangsiaga Feb 25, 2016
When I think about you I think hoe 
                              when I dream about you I think hoe
                              Yg song Hoe 😂😂😂😂😂
nfab_101 nfab_101 Dec 22, 2015
this story sucks it dont even make no sence and the girls are thots who werent raised right
puppylove245 puppylove245 Dec 22, 2015
Oooooooo y'all tryna get y'all freak on oooo y'all just met though *dancing and singing* ayeeee sorry I'm turnt right now