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# f r e e y o u r b o d y

about a girl 
who lost all confidence
 and security
 because of her appearance,
a boy
 who only wishes 
for her to see 
her beauty.

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anemonene anemonene Apr 08
Same. I'm the same height as my mother, so some people confused us for being sisters of cousins or something of that sort. Not mother and daughter.
floraljoon floraljoon Apr 16
although i don't hate my thighs if i try not to cause attention to them i'll be okay
lol my dad is a 5' 10" filipino and my mom is 5'4" caucasian women who is as white as a ghost. i'm so short bc of how short my parents are lol
It feels as if she's describing my body but I totally love my body so ..
i hate my legs. they are rlly big with pure muscle which i should be happy about but my calves are so small that it looks unbalanced
Pizza_Booty Pizza_Booty Jan 27
Yeah, some people ask my dad how he was able to raise 2 boys and six girls on his own and he's like "ugh, one of those girls is my wife" and then people start saying how they thought my mum was my age and I get depressed