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Jackie Lee By thelovesociety Completed

# f r e e y o u r b o d y

about a girl 
who lost all confidence
 and security
 because of her appearance,
a boy
 who only wishes 
for her to see 
her beauty.

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Divinapizza Divinapizza Jan 27
Yeah, some people ask my dad how he was able to raise 2 boys and six girls on his own and he's like "ugh, one of those girls is my wife" and then people start saying how they thought my mum was my age and I get depressed
xBBJKx xBBJKx Jun 28, 2016
Girl you better look at dear dumb diary with that lil girl singing perfect people need to go    danm or you could look at the cheesy spongebob idk that's wat I do
katsudons katsudons Oct 15, 2016
my thoughts every time i feel confident and see someone better than me
Romer_ance Romer_ance Oct 20, 2016
I can realate to this 100% cuz my mom looks young for her age and ppl thinks we are sisters
Divinapizza Divinapizza Jan 27
This book deserves to be written in history. Finally an Asian girl
Literally_Legit Literally_Legit Jul 31, 2016
ughh I hate this like people think I'm 12 and in like 🙅👎