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The bad girl and the dork

The bad girl and the dork

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alpacapoo By alpacapoo Completed

I'm Jill and these are five random facts about me

1. A day spent with Nutella is a day well spent.
2. My best friends are a cutie, cotton candy, a snake and a player.
3. I use my brain for evil purposes.
4. When I'm drunk I'm attracted to shiny things, like needles.
5. Everything changed when I met a dork.

Alright, if you insist I'll tell you about the dork situation...

[Jake: The walking cliche]
[Gwen: Pins and Needles]

I do this, and if I start to fail a class I do a couple of homework assignments but other than that I don't do it
StitchesNeeded9786 StitchesNeeded9786 Dec 24, 2016
I'm not an only child but I still don't know how to share. I either offer or dont. And I don't share,I trade. You want raisins? You better give me your chocolate milk!
I just have to listen it and look at the book not read it just look at it and BAM i am ready for exams and i get straight A's with occasional A*s
Same girl I have fast metabolism so I don't gain that much 😂❤️
I go to an alternative school where all the teachers go by their first names in order to 'connect' with the students lol it kinda works tho
I have 4 older sisters 8 older brothers and 1 younger brother you learn to take what you want and dont get caught and if you do get caught fight for it