His Revenge (Re-writing)

His Revenge (Re-writing)

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sweetsmileonlips By sweetsmileonlips Updated May 13

Once Rick Adam was happy and innocent guy but his life changed with the uncalled tragedy. A boy who saw getting his family divested and outcast from the society at the age of thirteen has changed as now he only wanted Revenge at any cost which made him ruthless, heartless and manipulative. He doesn't believe in love but used love as his weapon to get his Revenge. The person who has ruined his family was Mr. David Milano.

Jenifer Milano was a beautiful and naive girl who believes in love. She was madly in love with Rick Adam. She was not aware that Rick was playing with her for his Revenge and she was nothing but a puppet for him.

Scarlet Milano was ambitious and very mature girl who wanted to lead her father's business. Unlike her sister she doesn't believe in fairy tale kind of love story but unfortunately she couldn't resist the charm of Rick.
What will happen when Jen & Scarlet will know about Rick? How Rick will take the Revenge from Mr. David Milano? What will happen when he developed feeling for one of the girl?

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Sapphires01 Sapphires01 May 04, 2017
Have you seen that turkish drama?
                              This couple looks so good!
                              I plan to watch it over my summer hols
RamyaSuresh0 RamyaSuresh0 Apr 03, 2017
I always loved ur story but not the Jen and rick  break up part... I literally cried when I read that chapter... please change change the climax I will be very happy 😊
Afiaappianing1 Afiaappianing1 Jul 20, 2017
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yikes_98 yikes_98 Jul 27, 2017
I've seen 23 episodes of Ask Laftan Anlamaz . absolutely love itt . It's like watching a wattpad movie or sth 😰💕❤️
Prisynthesis Prisynthesis Apr 03, 2017
This is one of my favourite story in wattpad. I just love JenRick so so much. 😍😍😍😍😍
insaneheadcase insaneheadcase Mar 24, 2017
I'm reading this amazing love story for the sixth time today and still I can never get enough of it. ❤❤❤❤ 
                               #JenRick you're my life. Love you my babies❤❤❤❤❤❤