His Scarred Love

His Scarred Love

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Thannu Mathiy By luckycharms Completed

Nathan is a bad kid, he admits it himself and doesn't seem to care. He spends most of his time doing things that he shouldn't be doing because that's what's cool and that's what will make his friends like him. 
But one day, he goes way too far.
After permanently scarring a girl named Nikita and blinding her in one eye, Nathan realizes that there's more to life then fun and games... and trouble.

As time passes and Nathan spends time with Nikita, he starts to fall for her when she decides that no one will ever love her. 

He wants to change, for her. But how can he do that when changing for the better means admitting that he was the one who destroyed this girls life?

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GreeWolLunaWarrior GreeWolLunaWarrior Apr 13, 2014
omg , please tell me the glass didn't hurt sbd so badly omg .
                              anyways i looooovvvveeee your story it's great
SophieGlow SophieGlow Feb 08, 2014
OMG ..... One of my favourite story. It's too great. I really love it. Yeahhhh.
luckycharms luckycharms Nov 12, 2012
@Lakshmijaa THANK YOU! HEHEHEHE <3
                              @CyberAlias OMG! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I'm so glad you liked it!! And thank you so much for voting!!! =D!!!
SyberAlias SyberAlias Oct 18, 2012
I read this ALL by mobile, but I'm back to vote!
                              I liked this story! A lot!
luckycharms luckycharms Jun 26, 2011
@BLoShEr LMAO! Well, I'm "brown" xD and for Nathan, it was supposed to be the "south Asian" way. LOOL.
                              I don't ever mean to offend anyone!!!! Promise!! =D
                              AND THANK YOU! =D