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Your Average Writer By Hero-N Completed

When an accident aboard a technologically-advanced space station leaves her with mysterious powers, Ellie Jobs must find a way to manage her new-found abilities. Everyone around her is afraid, the doctors are skeptical, and nothing will ever be the same. So, it is perfectly natural that Ellie would be...excited?

After living a boring, normal, life Ellie is ecstatic at the possibility of being special. She can do things no one else can do, accomplish tasks deemed too impossible, and even save the world. She can be...a hero.

This is the third story in a continuing series called: The Age of Heroes.

Cover Credit: Lamestuff

  • action
  • adventure
  • cybernetics
  • enhancements
  • female
  • futuristic
  • powers
  • projectsuper
  • robots
  • romance
  • science
  • space
  • superheroes
  • suspense
  • technology
  • thrilling
  • villains
How could you get excited about that! That would be horrible!
So this was before Desmond Pierce was taken and platinum Tower blew up? So I'm sensing a connection. When do the stories come together?
Setalmage Setalmage Apr 15, 2016
This is an amazing book so far! I have been looking for something like this to read 😊😄😀
MalcolmXtreme MalcolmXtreme Oct 18, 2015
Best way I could describe this so far? A heart beat. From the beginning beating slowly, ascending rapidly,  then stopping. Until it drums up once more as the reader takes in something unique  clinging on to life in the form of words wanting more. Verdict: The Watch