Nishinoya Yuu x Reader Oneshots

Nishinoya Yuu x Reader Oneshots

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❀ ouma kokichi no mono ❀ By akaashoe Completed

just a bunch of oneshots about you and the noya baby. mostly fluffs, tho.

please pardon the grammatical errors. my english isn't that good and i tend to use the same words again and again.

[status: completed.]

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shirabubblyboobs shirabubblyboobs Aug 01, 2017
Japanese uniform skirts aren't as short as people make them to be....
BokutoSexual BokutoSexual Jun 02, 2017
Nah you left the window open and the sun is shining from behind him. Duh.
CrimsonPortal CrimsonPortal Jul 19, 2017
When I read this, I immediately thought of that anime scene of that girl yelling SEXUAL HARASSMENT DON'T TOUCH ME
sancharlie sancharlie Feb 08, 2017
My dance teacher always tells us that the floor is your best friends. Hold it like a mattress
maylover5 maylover5 Aug 08, 2016
This is how I imagined it...
                              Noya: "Yes! C'mon (f/n), stop hiding!"
                              (F/n): Hi
                              *Tanaka screams like a girl*
                              Tanaka: AHHHH! HOW YOU DO DAT!!
FandomTrash72 FandomTrash72 Apr 07, 2016