Amnesia ▷ Glenn Rhee

Amnesia ▷ Glenn Rhee

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Georgia By geowinchester Updated Jun 27, 2017

What's worse than waking up and finding out you have no recollection of who you are? Waking up, having no idea who you are and seeing the dead up and walking.

Lara wakes up in the middle of the forest, no idea who she is, with only a katana and a massive secret that will change everything. She comes across a group who take her in, though the trust comes slowly because of her amnesia, and drops almost immediately when someone finds out the big secret she has to hide from everyone. Through all this, they manage to put aside their differences, and something good eventually comes.

[book 1]
[season 5]
[glenn rhee]

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tallhopes tallhopes Oct 26, 2016
all that's going through my head right now iS LARA CROFT SODKDKDK
eofnowpdnoqpdnwope eofnowpdnoqpdnwope Apr 05, 2016
Oh my gosh I know what this story is about now and I literally had this idea myself and was gonna write a story about it 😂
eofnowpdnoqpdnwope eofnowpdnoqpdnwope Apr 05, 2016
Also, I'm really enjoying this so far. You are a talented writer