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2p Italy x Reader

2p Italy x Reader

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Actual Luciano Vargas (A.K.A. Trash Can-chan) By aphitalians Completed

It was your Junior year of high school, everything was going well till you started recieving gifts. They would always have little sayings or writtings with them on a red card. It was like someone actually cared! You were all happy until the unknown person decided on kidnapping you. Luciano Vargas was his name, and he happened to be the leader of the Mafia. Of course you were shocked. What did the Mafia want to do with you? Will you be able to escape?

FadedJoy FadedJoy Jan 29
Well my mom and dad are always workin. So I guess my brothers are the only ones I could look up to when I have problems(My brother is a damn Tsundere, I hate it and another is a prankster, screw my life)
ch1b1k0 ch1b1k0 Dec 15, 2016
I wAnted this one body pillow but my mom asked if I like the same gender
misamone misamone Apr 16, 2016
In Germany 18 is an legal adult.And we have Autobahn.No speed limit there ^^
The first fan fiction I read, where the stalked person is happy with being stalked
mixsoultaker mixsoultaker Jul 09, 2016
The first paragraph captured many aspects of my life... except my parents are VERY different
AmericaTheFree AmericaTheFree Oct 07, 2016
Lies, my locker is a complete mess, also my best subjects are elective (piano) and English