Mark's castle  ( markiplier xreader)

Mark's castle ( markiplier xreader)

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You meet a nice guy,suprisingly he has interests for you too! When he invites you to his 'home', it surprises you of how he lives. And how powerful he actually is.

ChloeKnight2334 ChloeKnight2334 Sep 13, 2016
Later that evening Chloe was hospitalized for going insane and burning down her house.
TheCallacorn TheCallacorn Sep 10, 2016
Man, I sure am needy....
                              I AM INDEPENDENT! I WILL NOT BE SILENCED!!!
Ausyoga126 Ausyoga126 Oct 07, 2016
                              Mark: I'm sorry, but maybe-
                              Y/n: aye c'mon stay just a lil bit!! 
                              Mark: But it's getting-
                              Y/n:PLS MARK DONT FUCKIN GOO!! 
                              Mark:*is tired of this bulshit* sorry but this is goodbye *fades away*
                              Y/n:NOOOO!! DUCKING SHOT !!!
Themartinet Themartinet Oct 29, 2016
Actually my grandmother's name is Ida but we don't really have a good relationship
i thought the part where he was running to go home....
                              i thought that was gonna be a guy cinderella starting
Themartinet Themartinet Oct 29, 2016
I probably would just be killed because I'm not pretty or cute or funny or skinny or even chubby I'm just a fat ugly girl who can't do anything and if I try I will fail