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London Under Attack: Too Young to Be Old

London Under Attack: Too Young to Be Old

14.3K Reads 681 Votes 4 Part Story
The 5th Wave Movie By 5thWaveMovie Completed

There are things in Harry Wylde's life that are far more important than The Others. Sure, the arrival of aliens is a big deal, but he's too busy with his own life to care. He has parties to go to, friends to see, girls to impress. When Harry's step-dad Sean decides to lead his family out of the city to safety, Harry rebels. He'd rather take his chances with the aliens than with Sean. Only his loyalty to his mom and sisters keeps him from running out on his family and going his own way. Harry thinks Sean's got it all wrong, that this is a lot of fuss over nothing. But he's about to learn that's not the case. When the 1st Wave hits, everything will be changed forever. Nothing in Harry's world will ever be the same again.

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