Australia Under Attack: Unbroken

Australia Under Attack: Unbroken

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The 5th Wave Movie By 5thWaveMovie Completed

For 17-year-old Kat, the day the little green star appeared in the sky was supposed to be the first day of the rest of her life. 

Instead, it became the first day of the end of her life.

24 hours earlier, her doctor was giving her the good news: she was in remission from cancer. The next morning, the world and everything in it had changed forever.

After the 1st Wave hits, Kat's mother packs up Kat and her sister and they flee their coastal Australian town, searching for safety. But they soon discover that they will never truly be safe again, and the enemy they fear could be much closer than they think.

Join Kat and her family as they fight to survive the beginning of the end. Set in the same universe as Rick Yancey's The 5th Wave, soon to be a motion picture, UNBROKEN is an action-packed adventure you're sure to love.

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RandyHilson RandyHilson Oct 28, 2016
I'm simple a person who is a realist so I tell the naked truth
gracieho2002 gracieho2002 Jun 01, 2016
This story is awesome. How come I haven't seen it before until today?
RandyHilson RandyHilson Oct 28, 2016
Lol she's complaining and I'm already in the bushes somewhere
eadaniel eadaniel Jan 08, 2016
I have read so many of these books but I think this will be one of the good ones👍🏻
Sailor-Mars Sailor-Mars Nov 12, 2015
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emogoth1 emogoth1 Oct 20, 2015
omg my name is kat spelled the same thing and everything... u jinxed me.. atleast i might survive