Once Was Lost, But Now I'm Found

Once Was Lost, But Now I'm Found

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Nessie-chan By Weeaboo_Artist Updated Nov 02

[Arthur Kirkland x Fem! Teen Reader]

(Previously known as my Arthur Kirkland x Abused! Child! Reader)

  Your father was a... peculiar man. Born an only child and the sole heir to his father's gang. He was possessive, obsessive, and aggressive. Due to his environment, he grew to be harsh, merciless, and cold to those around him. Even to those closest to him. People like his friends and his one and only child-- you. 

  But on one night, when an accident occurs, causing the one you held closest to your heart to lose his life, you run away. 

  You run.

  And run.

  And run.

  Never bothering to look back at the life you once lived. But with nowhere else to go and with no reason to live any longer, you stop and await whatever hellish thing life planned to throw at you. 

  But what you didn't expect was for a gentlemanly Brit to come across your path and to change your life for the better. 

  Alas, with your father's possessive nature, will you manage to escape from within his dangerous hands? Or will you cause the unnecessary deaths of your newfound friends trying to protect you?

(Despite me maturing as a person and a writer, I still suck at descriptions hahaha)
*Credit to @Mumize for the new cover - tHANK YOU SO MUCH BOO BLESS YOUR FUCKING SOUL MAN*

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ARE YOU KIDDING? THAT WAS AWESOME! Also the description is pretty cool!
Romano: Vaffenculo....
                              Me:THERES A FOUR YEAR OLD
                              Romano: I DONT CARE YOU CAGNA
Wait so you deleted the entire story to rewrite it agian NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! MY PROGRESS GONE!!!!
i just imagine my child self being like its a prince from a fairy tale!! XD