Partners In Crime (erisol)

Partners In Crime (erisol)

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Erisol Criminal!Stuck AU 

After both Eridan's and Sollux's father disapprove of their relationship, Sollux convinces Eridan to runaway with him. 

But can Sollux's trouble get the best of him, and make Eridan follow in his footsteps? Maybe their love can't quite last as long as they think it would.. 

"This, the tale of reckless love, living a life of crime on the run.."


#TW: Some words, phrases, or actions may be triggering to some. This may or may not include homophobic & vulgar or inappropriate language, sexual content, (domestic) violence, no consent, and murder/death. 

Read at your own risk. 


Based off the song:
Partners In Crime 
by Set It Off 

Homestuck and its characters belong to Andrew Hussie

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ThisIsCreativity ThisIsCreativity Jul 14, 2017
WHICH ONEEEEE?? Probably Dirk..... I have no doubt the one who picked that name.......... is in the HERRRDDDD
ILovePans ILovePans Aug 04, 2017
It's 5 AM, I've been up all night. I've already read this, and I'm just here for the plot twist and emotional roller coster
)(as Eqius met Dick, sorry, Dirk yet? I feel like t)(ey would be bronies toget)(er.
desertxxxxxxxxxx desertxxxxxxxxxx Jul 27, 2017
This just in edgy teen trys to sound serious but fails miserably
ILovePans ILovePans Aug 04, 2017
Who else notices that comments on fanfics are ALWAYS posted from 10 pm - 10 am?
i have both of there parent problems but sollux dad is my mum