Red And Yellow ( Solkat )

Red And Yellow ( Solkat )

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Karkat Vantas just moved into a new town along with his brother Kankri and Porrim. He has this internet friend he likes to open up with but he has no clue who this person is. 

Sollux Captor had just been through a terrible tragedy. 
All he has is his friends and one online friend he wishes to get to know. But he's afraid of what he might think of him when he finds out he is a troll. 

What they don't know, is that they know each other both online and in high school. 

What happens when they find out they've been talking to one another the whole time? 
What will they face at school together?

( homestuck and it's characters are owned by Andrew Hussie)

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THE FEELS THE TEARS!!!!!!!!! *whines* -> needs a hug right now
kittleson14 kittleson14 Sep 07
Not Tunaaaaa
                              HE HAS TO BE OKAY
                              EVEN THO HELL GET BRAIN DAMAGE
Also how is "filling a bucket" that much of an offend? I never understoond that
kittleson14 kittleson14 Sep 07
*( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*
                              Sollux stop calling you and Tuna mistakes
- - Jan 31
Hey, that's how black people started out.
                              Maybe, there's gonna be a KILLER GEEKSTAR making videos, saying whatever word is offensive to trolls
sawlitude sawlitude Dec 31, 2015
ok I'm sorry
                              Terezi and I**
                              happens a lot-
                              I see it all the time-
                              I had to