yui's little sister(diabolik lover)

yui's little sister(diabolik lover)

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may bates By megan_sofia1278 Updated Dec 28, 2015

Hey guys 2 story i have made. hope you like it the only charter i own is mia and thats is it. Sorry for the mistakes in the story and the spelling. HOPE u like it 
Name: mia komori 


Eye color:light blue

Hair color:blond

Hair leanth:to her stomach

How she acts:is a badass,trouble maker

Likes:music, her sister yui,sleeping,video games, blue,and black

Dis-like: dresses,skrit,pervouts,girls who has to muck make up on there face,bright color

Wears:blue headphones, a black crop top reach above her belly button, dark blue skinny jeans

Breast zise:D

Race: 50% human. and secert
I am not doing yui ok but her breast zise is B and she is way differnt from mia

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Grrr21365 Grrr21365 Jan 08
Is it just me or is yui an goodie tissues and wants attention all the time kinda like a cat...but I love cats and dislike yui
MarshmallowSubaru MarshmallowSubaru Mar 12, 2017
I don't want a chest. I would rather be a chichinaishi. 
                              Ayato: but I love your melons
                              Me: I know, but don't forget that you have a pervert brother
                              Ayato: *kisses Hijira-Chan*
                              Author-sama: Hey! I'm trying to tell a story here!
kpopanimeL kpopanimeL Mar 26
But I don't have a sister I have an annoying older bro that I hate
Grrr21365 Grrr21365 Feb 19
I use to have headphones...... But if I had them now they'd never come off
Nighthawk2015 Nighthawk2015 5 days ago
And I promise them that if they try it again, that I will castrate them on the spot.
Nighthawk2015 Nighthawk2015 5 days ago
Perverts. If and when they try something on me, they get their asses handed to them.