Unattainable (Solangelo AU)

Unattainable (Solangelo AU)

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As royalty, Will Solace had his life planned out the day he was born. His parents control everything he does, including who he had to marry.

They've picked a girl named Bianca Di Angelo, who is a princess from Italy. Since they've never met each other,  their parents arrange for Bianca to stay at the castle for a while.

She brings her bother Nico along with her, to keep her company. Will takes one look at the couple and falls in love... With Nico.


This is a mortal AU, which means they don't have powers. They're not demigods. Also, it's set in the past, so it won't be modern.

The characters belong to Rick Riordan, but he setting and idea is mine.

Bekka_DiAngelo Bekka_DiAngelo Aug 06, 2016
DestinyHopeHaddock DestinyHopeHaddock Sep 29, 2016
It's normally *I'm* not *you're* but I guess King Apollo makes the choices here
halsoo641 halsoo641 Oct 28, 2016
Y'know he's a son of Apollo right? Even if this is a mortal au
BlackStar1502 BlackStar1502 Aug 09, 2016
Me: drinking Dr Pepper reads 'you're going to get married'
                              Me: spits Dr Pepper all over the place "What?!!!!!"
HelloFellowPhamily HelloFellowPhamily Dec 12, 2016
                              sorry i just always lose it when i see peasant
Bekka_DiAngelo Bekka_DiAngelo Aug 06, 2016
The writer didn't even have to say who's POV it is😂😂😂