Through the Fabric of Time

Through the Fabric of Time

14.2K Reads 493 Votes 6 Part Story

James Potter has broken Lily Evan's Time-turner.

James Potter II has lived up to his namesake and broken his father's.

The adults from the future have found a way to get back, but at what cost?

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AnshuKhadka AnshuKhadka Jul 20, 2017
😂😂😂👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 I like this book already
Meggie_superawesome Meggie_superawesome Dec 23, 2017
I tell that to the person who finishes the milk and puts the empty bottle back in the fridge!
011_eggos 011_eggos Aug 01, 2017
You know in my house it's usually Olivia L/N you are so dead I get that about 3 times a week
imdinosar imdinosar Apr 13, 2017
I find James II getting shouted at funny, this three word question beats that
jazleennn_ jazleennn_ Apr 19, 2017
Is it not good that I'm comepletely osessed and cringing at the fact that she just called Harry "darling". I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!
DebbieCisneros DebbieCisneros Jul 27, 2017
I'm I the only one who finds it funny how harry just casually asked if someone died