Welcome To Gakkuen Hetalia

Welcome To Gakkuen Hetalia

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Arthur-chan By M-A-S-ROWE Updated Aug 10

Your a new student attending Hetalia Academy. Thing is, its an all boys school, and you just so happen to be a girl. Will you be able to keep your secret? Or will you be discovered and end up having to explain yourself to some very suprised students?

Ok everyone. This is my new and inproved version of "Gakkuen Hetalia X Reader". So if you haven't read that, then your free to go ahead and read what was previously known as this book. But I'm warning you, it's probably gonna be the same as it used to be back from 4-6 months ago.

Disclaimer: All of Hetalia does not belong to me. If it did, then we'd all be FrUKed wouldn't we. The only thing that belongs to me is the plot and quotes that I throw in every now and then. If you have read this far: Thank-you. You diserve a round of applause. 

Sincerley ~ The Fabulously Fabulous Queen of Fabulousness Arthur-chan.

My name is Claire and I don't so I'm gonna use my oc.
                              Ah I can't find a male name for that too shīt
Okay Arthur. *gets dresses* let's dress you up *gagging from the dresses*
Arthur-chan? Did you mean Author-chan, or is England trying to be a girl?
Welp, my mom said if I was a boy, she would name me Gage.. BUT MY NAME IS IVY, SO I COULD ALSO BE IVAN... THE STRUGGLE IS REAL :'(
This is purrfect my OC is a girl named Flynn Tracer Freedom and she looks like Tracer from Overwatch.
FN-0321 FN-0321 Nov 12
I want Japan to be the love interest and America and Spain to be my room mates. XD