Welcome To Gakkuen Hetalia

Welcome To Gakkuen Hetalia

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Arthur-chan By M-A-S-ROWE Updated Aug 10, 2016

Your a new student attending Hetalia Academy. Thing is, its an all boys school, and you just so happen to be a girl. Will you be able to keep your secret? Or will you be discovered and end up having to explain yourself to some very suprised students?

Ok everyone. This is my new and inproved version of "Gakkuen Hetalia X Reader". So if you haven't read that, then your free to go ahead and read what was previously known as this book. But I'm warning you, it's probably gonna be the same as it used to be back from 4-6 months ago.

Disclaimer: All of Hetalia does not belong to me. If it did, then we'd all be FrUKed wouldn't we. The only thing that belongs to me is the plot and quotes that I throw in every now and then. If you have read this far: Thank-you. You diserve a round of applause. 

Sincerley ~ The Fabulously Fabulous Queen of Fabulousness Arthur-chan.

Crap my names Alondra, oh well steal big brother Alonso's name!
Venian: i wonder if you will look like me...
                              Me: duh. Yur a guy *groans*
I want to be totally honest here I think boy clothes are more stylish than girl clothes and half my wardrobe is already boy clothes so....
When I'm alone at home I usually make like pretend TV shows for no one and this one came into my head about a girl who goes to an all-boys school and she dresses up as one but no one knows it until they discovered her in the last season which this kind of reminds me of it
WolfTheWolf WolfTheWolf Jul 22
My name is Alberte... hmm... i go with Albert... but i don't like it...
DatOTPgirl DatOTPgirl Jul 09
When the name I use is for both genders so it's like 
                              "That why we used the name Yuuki instead of Yuuki!"