Playful Kisses   Dave x Reader

Playful Kisses Dave x Reader

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Boxes everywhere. It's just like Christmas all over again! Except boring, and really flipping heavy.

"Thanks sweety~" I wiped the sweat from my brow and glared at my close friend (BFF), "who the hell builds stairs anymore!" (BFF) giggled and smiled "oh come on cheer up! Schools tomorrow~ you could meet a hot guy~" I shook my head and sighed.

I got up and opened a random door "dibs!" "FUCK" I snickered as I closed the door and plopped down on the carpet, I'll get my mattress in tomorrow.

You might be wondering why my best friend and I are living together, well we're practically sisters and I saw this as a great new start. And my parents well.. They aren't here anymore. So yeah..

"Lights out (y/-) why are you on the floor" I groaned, and said in a monster voice "(y/n) like carpet. I sleep now." (BFF) giggled softly and turns on her heals "ok, ok. Holler if you need anything." With that she closed the door.

~~~time skip to school, cause I fucking can.~~~

I rubbed my eyes tiredly and...

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Do we have to have sex with someone or the test? I am generally confused....
Isn't every school on Crack? TAHTS why they call it HIGHschool DUHH
A potato is a good compliment
                              A hot potato is a great compliment
                              But a hot AND sexy potato, wow, just wow I'm flattered.
Me and @_-Dancing_Demons-_  are best friend sister isn't that right
WolfCat01 WolfCat01 Jun 09
WHERES SASHA 😂 shes the only one who can handle this hot potato as well as Levi ,eren armin, jean cant 😂
Aww thank you, im so flattered ;D
                              But really you to author! ;;;;D