I Didn't Mean To Hurt You (Miniminter FF) {COMPLETED}

I Didn't Mean To Hurt You (Miniminter FF) {COMPLETED}

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Tami By TamiiiJ17 Completed

Warning: Rape will be included so please read at own risk

He left her with empty promises 

She was hopeless 

He hurt her 

She was broken 

Her life was in pieces 

Tami and Simom were best friend and they were unstoppable. Simon ended leaving Watford along with JJ, leaving Tami behind with empty promises. She ended up moving to London for work which she hates but she didn't except to see Simon again 

He's sorry 

He wants to help 

But he makes a mistake after and couldn't forgive himself for doing that 

He wants to be in her life again

But would she let him? 

Find out in 'I Didn't Mean To Hurt You'

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EdenArnold5 EdenArnold5 Apr 23, 2016
Is it bad that this is, like, the 5th time I'm reading this😉😉🙊🙊👍👍😏😏🤔🤔
                              Your books are just TO good😂😂❤️
sofsdmn sofsdmn Sep 16, 2016
just imagine if this is about simon and harry tho instead of JJ YAS ONF
SakemthaSatkunam SakemthaSatkunam Jun 18, 2016
Did simon also live in watford?? It thought he was from leeds?
Phandom22Trash Phandom22Trash Feb 21, 2017
This is like my 8th time rereading and it gets me everytime :-(
xxmiareadxx xxmiareadxx Apr 07, 2016
I thought it said Walford! 😂😂
                              I'm too British goddamnit
bandbraceface bandbraceface Nov 05, 2016
Omg first time im reading a story in watford 😁😱 #hometown.  jeez im fangirling over watford 😂