Crushing on my Bully? (A Zerkaa Fanfiction) COMPLETED

Crushing on my Bully? (A Zerkaa Fanfiction) COMPLETED

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Sammi [SDMN] By TheBaconist Completed

He rubbed my shoulder before kissing my forehead. "Sometimes you have to look beyond what a person has done wrong, because in the end, you still know you love them."

"Reminds me of what I did for you." I grinned, looking into his memorizing eyes.

Ever since her parents died, Faith's life changed.

She lives with her abusive godfather, she lost her friends, she moved, and now she is getting bullied.

It began when she was nine, after seeing the worst moments of her life, seeing her parents get murdered.

Now, at 17, she lives in shadows and is quiet as can be, hiding everything from the outside world.

The people that really wants to know Faith are the bullies.

Josh, Tobi, JJ, Simon, Ethan, Vikk, and Harry.

But to Faith, she sees something different from the leader Josh, seeing a different side.

She liked him. A lot.

What happens what Faith has a crush on him?

Does a bully change his way to the bullied?

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TFILalana TFILalana Apr 23
Damn, my mums fine with anything as long as I pass the year, only cause she knows how I am under stress
What do you mean too hard ti pronounce bitch I can pronounce it just fine
vikk is a cinnamon roll. he cant bully someone for the life of him
LozzSDMN LozzSDMN Feb 12
M8, if u wanna fite me, I gotta revolver and metal for that 'brain' of yours.
MaimeeXIX MaimeeXIX Jul 02, 2016
*whispers from the shadows*
                              "Mr. Bradley, Minter And Olatunji"
sweet_gerty sweet_gerty Jul 19, 2016
Where are you gonna get the brains from when you don't even have one?