I'll Always Be There For You (ZerkaaHD FF) *COMPLETED*

I'll Always Be There For You (ZerkaaHD FF) *COMPLETED*

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Tami By TamiiiJ17 Completed

Tami, 21 years old

She has a secret but also a past that's been hidden

She meets a member of the Sidemen but doesn't know who he is since she has never seen his videos 

Their paths cross again one day, she finds out who he real is and he finds out something that he didn't know or see the first time they met 

Things start to slowly change after him and his friends entered her life 

He wants to help her but will she let him? 

Will she finally allow someone into her life? 

What happens when someone from her past returns, will she run or stay? 

Will he be able to be there for her?

But mostly will she be able to tell the Sidemen the real reason she's afraid of letting someone into her life? 

(Find out in 'I'll Always Be There For You')

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  • ksi
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  • secrets
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RichGang7685 RichGang7685 Sep 08, 2016
Tami just wanted to say ur page is mad littttt thx ur my fav author!
jadest03 jadest03 Aug 30, 2016
So the Arranged Marriage To My Bully is not following this one?
vystar123 vystar123 Jul 16, 2016
So i just read two of your stories in one day and now ima read ANOTHA ONE. Ohhh god i have no life
Minter_is_mine Minter_is_mine Aug 18, 2015
Tami go on kik and tell me what I'm gonna be in this fanfic ❤️❤️:)
- - Aug 16, 2015
Keep that head in the ditch. I respect you. 
                              *le smirky face* XD
atslviv atslviv Aug 16, 2015
Thats so sad :( I know someone who had to watch their dad die ;-;