All I Want Is You || Sequel

All I Want Is You || Sequel

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"C'mere, don't cry" I grabbed her waist, pulling her against my body, "I'm so crazy for you, baby. I'm so addicted and infatuated with you, Mysterious. All I want is you, I'm in love with you. Please, stop running away from me, babygirl" I mumbled on top of her head "I just want you to be mine. Do you understand that?"

The son of Jahmiah and Nyzra Scott, Jymil Nico Scott is a 20 year old music producer. He loves to walk the cold, semi-empty streets in downtown Maryland. He comes across Mysterious Dawn Everson- a girl who desperately needs help. She's a thick, timid, and innocent 18 year old, trying to get away from her abusive ex-boyfriend. 

When Jymil takes Mysterious to his house, he starts to develop deep feelings, soon falling in love with her. 

Sequel to The Things I Would Do For You. 

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Bitch I eat every second I'm even eating right now how tf she go that long-
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My big ass can't last 30 minutes without eating / or drinking . 😂 Every ten minuets I'm in there tryna figure out what I want to eat ! 😭🍔🍟
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Now you know damn well you just wanted to see some tittes😏😂
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Pussy ass nigga😭 how you get your own gun taken away fool?🤔😂