Try To Be Bad (Cronkri)

Try To Be Bad (Cronkri)

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Aquarius Nerd By AquariusNerd Updated Oct 17

Cronus Ampora was one of the sweetest and smartest trolls on Alternia, but his father and brother convince him to change to a bad boy so he could attract his best friend, Kankri Vantas. Kankri didn't enjoy this change at all and decides to let him go. Over time, Cronus gets used to his greaser self and keeps trying to attract the troll. Can he really attract this stubborn troll by being 'bad'?

Characters belong to Andrew Hussie

Inspired by 'Nice Guys Finish Last' by Cobra Starship

Hussie has left his mark. Here we will be learning about time travel and shipping.
Here at Hussie High, no one does gym because the gym teacher, Coach Huss, literally kills you. If you are lucky, you don't come back to life constantly and start dying again.