Not a Homosexual (Homestuck fanfic: DaveKat)

Not a Homosexual (Homestuck fanfic: DaveKat)

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/ˈrānˌbō/ By RainbowDragoOUO Completed

Karkat is so bored that he could die because of it. His friend, Sollux, helps him with his problem. 

What Karkat knows is that Sollux is an ass. But what he doesn't know is his friend's help can make his life..less boring?

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(Homestuck belongs to Andrew Hussie. I do not own anything. I only own the story.)

(This is my first fanfic and I hope it becomes a good one. I might suck though)

Shadow4610 Shadow4610 Jul 29, 2016
Well I think it is I don't know I like a lot of ships though
suspishfishy suspishfishy Apr 29, 2016
I agree with the im not a homo is john, but whatever. LOOKING FOR KISMESIS just saying
ninjaskilz ninjaskilz Aug 24, 2016
Okay,I'm gonna try to read one of these.I'm officially scared of em cause my first experience with one.The horror.0_0
elliotegbert elliotegbert Mar 13, 2016
I'm not saying this is a bad story. I absolutely love it. But in my opinion I'm not a homo doesn't fit a davekat. I think that's more of a JohnDave thing you know since that's what John says "No Homo." but you know I love this story.
DrawingGamer777 DrawingGamer777 Aug 10, 2016
Are we all going to ignore the faCT THAT HE HAS BEEB WASTED THIS WHOLE TIME
NightmareAnimations NightmareAnimations Dec 10, 2016
Fûck this shìt I'm out. Mm mm mm. Fûck this shìt I'm out. Excuse me please imma just leave... (also, awesome pun.)