Not a Homosexual (Homestuck fanfic: DaveKat)

Not a Homosexual (Homestuck fanfic: DaveKat)

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/ˈrānˌbō/ By RainbowDragoOUO Completed

Karkat is so bored that he could die because of it. His friend, Sollux, helps him with his problem. 

What Karkat knows is that Sollux is an ass. But what he doesn't know is his friend's help can make his life..less boring?

(All the art here belong to their owners.)

(Homestuck belongs to Andrew Hussie. I do not own anything. I only own the story.)

(This is my first fanfic and I hope it becomes a good one. I might suck though)

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                              DTK IS THE BEST YAS
                              haha i may be a bit of a fangirl whOOPS
This is me. Ask any of my friends and they will say this is true. @LuzOpal isn't this a true statement.
The author thinks they are pinny...Imma go die in a hole now
XD XD Hahahahahahaha I can't, this is too good lolol! Good job oh my gosh. XD
This kid is literally me and I'm like 12 and curse all the time 😂
*waits patiently for hell train* Any day now............please?