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I smirked down as he looked at me in fear. "What did I tell you?" I taunted "N-Not to talk to her a-again, I'm so sorry s-sir" He said. Pathetic. He is pathetic. 

"And you didn't do that, did you?" I said. He looked down in shame and fear, of facing me. "No sir" he said barely above a whisper, but I heard it. "Hmm, what should we do with you?" I asked taunting him once again. 

"Harry?" Called the voice I've grown to love. Lilly. "Harry, what are you doing to him?!" She asked in confusion and shock. I slowly turned around to look at her only to see her in one of my oversized t-shirts, that she loves to sleep in. Her tiny 5'0 frame coming into view.

 "Lilly go back to bed I will be there soon." I said my voice still hard, I can't show any form of softness in front of this lowlife behind me.  "No, you tell me what's going on right now!" She exclaimed. "Lilly I swear to God go back to bed I'm talking to this man" I replied keeping my voice low. "Okay, Harry... don't hurt him, alright?" Her voice spoke quiet, almost afraid of my reaction. 

"Okay, goodnight, I love you." I said, meaning it. "Goodnight, I love you too." She says as she walks to bed. I didn't move until I heard the door close and knew she was inside our room. "You're lucky she woke up, but if you ever even look at her or think about her I will know, and I will end you!" I exclaimed my attention now on this 'kid' that decided to hit on my Lilly. "Yes, sir I understand a-and I'm sorry, once a-again" he spoke stuttering his words. "And remember," I said as I picked him up and walking with him closer to the front door. "She's mine, and always will be mine!" I hissed as I pushed him out of the door. 

(This story will have mature content and if you are not ok with that then I advise you not to read) 
(It will also probably have errors you don't need to tell me and I will fix them when I can) 
Enjoy! <3

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xitlalyyy xitlalyyy Mar 30, 2017
She just talked to Harry and basically forgot about the poor kid on the floor but E for effort lol
hemmingstrash_ hemmingstrash_ Mar 18, 2016
But why is it that if a girl shows skin its automatically skimpy