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Pain (Percy Jackson crossover)

Pain (Percy Jackson crossover)

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Anti By Chaotic_Angelsass Updated Jan 04, 2016

I was dying. No, no, it wasn't a monster that killed me. Nope. Not even close. It was the camp that killed me. They betrayed me, in a way. Even Annabeth.... she killed me the most. I became heartless. I never came out of the underworld. My father also disowned me, but before he could finish what he had started, I was already dead. 

There's two ways to die. Emotionally and physically. I died both ways. I have many forms. But I never let out my real one. 

I had too many demons. Soon, it became too much. Now im a ghost drifting in and out of existence.

My few friends look for me everywhere. They never find me. And I want to keep it that way. But, then it came to that one fateful day when I came out for people to see. A ghost drifting in the wind. Dead.

I am Percy Fóvos Jackson. The demon in everyone.

England_From_Hetalia England_From_Hetalia Aug 23, 2016
I can't believe it. I snickered and I spit out some of the chocolate milk I was drinking. And I was drinking it through a STRAW!!!
apileoftrashwriter apileoftrashwriter Apr 12, 2016
                              "Mouth-breathing Dick monkey"
naymi_hood naymi_hood Aug 03, 2016
Acc you can just say you're kidding and laugh it off anyone will believe that :)
Riptiderox Riptiderox May 23, 2016
I thought it was Persues Achilles Jackson, or even Persues Thesus Jackson...