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The demon fox

The demon fox

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MidnightmusicstarZ By MidnightmusicstarZ Updated Mar 10

"Soon everything will change!And then they will be the one sleeping on dirt!" The man yells while walking ahead his dirty clothes all ripped.His companion nods eagerly."Yes soon.And nobody will stop us."he answers his eyes getting a evil glint."You sure about that?"a lazy voice rings through the silent forest.The two man tense and there head snaps in the direction of the voice seeing a 16 year old anbu lazily leaning against a tree.A wolf mask covering his face.The two reach for their kunai pouch only to come up empty."Looking for this."Another voice rings out his voice much colder his eyes a weird red with strange features he was wearing a Raven mask and standing to their right.The two man glance at eachother ready to make a run for it when at their left side a red haired boy stood his eyes the same as the Raven boy only he was wearing a fox mask."Leaving so soon? "Their eyes widen when they realize who they were staring at.
The demon fox.
and his teammates.
There dead.

DemonNicky DemonNicky 2 days ago
Itachi, a great man, and a great husband good job on the man @Levi_Ackerman_Senpai
yugito2tail yugito2tail Jul 27, 2016
You know what I just realised naruto and initially are so similar but naruto got rid of the goggles when made genin
Taylor6755 Taylor6755 Jul 09, 2016
He... He... He... He just... Just... Just head butted a shuriken
Yuesarutobi Yuesarutobi Feb 18
That's not a scroll, it a map. It's to freaking huge to be a scroll
DamithaArrundell DamithaArrundell Jun 29, 2016
Yeah it does have some mistakes but she did warn that she would make mistakes
ChoveryChan ChoveryChan Jul 16, 2016
Wow i was reading this while leastening((sp? )) to Avril Lavigne: Complicated  and wow that just bomb it