Mother Nature's Flower

Mother Nature's Flower

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A few months after the attack of the nine-tailed fox, in another village far away, was a small but powerful clan. The Kimura clan.

A little girl of that clan was being smuggled out of her clan's compound by her older brother. His name was Mamoru Kimura Uzumaki. The little girl was Aiko Kimura Uzumaki. Her mother was of the Uzumaki clan. Her father was of the Kimura clan.

Instead of having the traditional Uzumaki features, she got the traditional Kimura features.

Green eyes and brown hair along with a calm collected personality. As she gets older, she becomes very shy and develops androphobia, which is the fear of men, because of what happened to her before she meets the people of the leaf village.

The Kimura clan have been known for their history, said to be descendants of Mother Nature herself. They have one of the of the of the most powerful earth justus out there. In there history there is a prophecy.

There will come a day when a member of the clan will be born with incredible abilities. Like the ability to talk to animals and the ability to create anything that naturally happens in nature.

Who do you think it is? Is it Aiko? Is it Mamoru? Read to find out!

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