It Will Always Be #HER

It Will Always Be #HER

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Multiplicity By Multiplicity Updated Aug 04


You know the story girl meets girl. Girl is a perfect woman. Everyone fell in love with the feisty Spanish chick and so did I. Her accent, her curves, her maturity, her beauty, I loved it all. I was possessive of her and did not like anyone around her. We even ended getting money together. The perfect couple, the perfect love story, but nothing last forever right or does it?   I Didn't treat her the way she should've been treated and that woman moved on to someone else. Her words still ring in my ears sometimes 

"This ain't riding for me"

I cheated, I lied, i humiliated her in front of the world, I abused her, so you ask how could I love her? It's simple, I thought no matter what I did, she would always be there........

Wow it's funny how things turn out in the end.  

What is life like now without her.....

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TishaNichole5 TishaNichole5 Jan 11, 2017
I read some of this and what happened to navo and nikki not feeling this story line
legacy45 legacy45 Aug 17, 2015
it's soo many cyn and erica storues and most seem the sane this is different good job.
SapphicDeviant SapphicDeviant Aug 16, 2015
IM LOVING THIS. It's really different, I do hope they get back together but it also seems like you won't disappoint me if they don't
NewUsernameC NewUsernameC Aug 16, 2015
Yeah this story has a lot of potential, very intrigued to see how everything unfolds x
Fanbar01 Fanbar01 Aug 15, 2015
I'm loving where you going with this keep it up and make the chapters Longer.
ttistoboss ttistoboss Aug 15, 2015
Please put rhem back together. but i like it so far nice job