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They said she was ugly, but she was not.
They said she never had a social life, but she did.
They said she was crystal clear and hid nothing, but was she?

Imagine this: you're a rising businessman and a billionaire in your late twenties, one day, your system broke, and information needed for your next shipment was deleted and you fell into a ten million debt with a man that can possibly...well--he can possibly ruin your life in a blink, and the only way for him to "forgive you" is to marry his daughter...Rose Smith.

Well this what happened to Ethen Hendrix.

Is it that simple? No.
Was that condition superficial? No.
Did he agreed on marrying her? Yes.

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yikes! in this 21st century era, there is no prince charming around here...
I'm already in love with this story. Rather than being in love with my boyfriend. Shame.
- - Nov 29, 2016
Alright can I low-key just say you are a fantastic author? Your words just flow forth like liquid gold. They are so smooth and they blend together so well, like how do you even...?
thelonebatgirl thelonebatgirl Oct 02, 2016
*"Cancer" by My Chemical Romance plays in the background... Cries.*
This sentence confused me for an entire minute cause all I could think was, "Shipper...? How does a shipper become famous by SHIPPING?" 
                              Stay out of tumblr cause this is what it does to you 😒🙄
nimota13 nimota13 Apr 05, 2016
Seriously I would have stopped talking the first time he said this lol