The Stepfather

The Stepfather

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During her sophomore year of high school, Aria got held back so she's a year older than the other kids. Being eighteen and a senior in high school, she can't seem to like anyone. She's always said she wouldn't date someone younger then her but how much older will she go? Her mom brings home a new man and announces they got married. Aria absolutely hates him. He'll never replace her father. But as she gets to know him better, she begins liking him. She finds herself acting differently around him, and she doesn't know why. They grow closer and things happen...
What happens behind closed doors, stays behind closed doors, right?

WARNING: Mature Content.

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addri-badass addri-badass 5 days ago
What kind of mother does not invite her own daughter!!!!!!!!!
columtfdown columtfdown Jun 17
No love what's worse than divorced parents is Separated because your always given false hope of a happy family
Diggless Diggless May 01
🙃this girl definitely knows what she is doing to ryan. In no way should she be surprised when his dick is deep up in her🙄
I think I know what her mom is actually up to . Just guessing