Berkshire Mountains

Berkshire Mountains

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The group are going to the Berkshire mountains this year. The trip allows them to bond and discover unknown feelings for each other.

5k!~ 12/5/15

20k 4/17/16

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misslovable04 misslovable04 May 27, 2017
I can get ready in a minute flat 😏 and they say girls take forever to get ready
lovserboy lovserboy Mar 23, 2016
I bet he was thinking "should I wear the sky blue, the dark blue, the light blue, Maya's eye color blue..."
- - Sep 21, 2016
Lucas takes an hour to get dressed?
                              Lucas is my spirit animal.
Blonde_Beauty01 Blonde_Beauty01 Dec 19, 2016
He probably didn't want to make his other shirts feel bad just because they aren't the shade of blue he wanted to wear
                              That probably didn't make any sense
                              But it just was running through my head.
Panditatocorn Panditatocorn Dec 29, 2016
I could help with ur cover and could u mention me maybe once u don't have to if u don't want and sorry for wasting your time
iplaygames2222 iplaygames2222 Mar 25, 2016
Hmm... He didn't know what it is or you didn't know what it is? XD