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Lexi By Lexi-Chan17 Updated Dec 25, 2016

Alexis isn't new to the school. She's been there the entire time, but nobody has ever noticed her. Follow Alexis on her journey to being seen.

Not_a_Catch_Donnie Not_a_Catch_Donnie Jul 16, 2016
Ah yes. Doing something to make yourself not feel guilty you completely neglected a person instead of doing it to help them
This is me every year. There's the smart and then the squad (If you know what I mean) then there's me. Trying to fit in. Although it's nice I just sit read and then most of the time observe my class mates as I teach myself a lesson everyday.
scarletfox1224 scarletfox1224 Mar 12, 2016
That's sad that the teacher doesn't know her. I'm like that. But I'm known.
gbe_fangirl2003 gbe_fangirl2003 May 04, 2016
Ok well I think I know  wants going to happen but I sort of want  Riley to be with Lucas in the show but I'm fine with what's happening
ChristinaGuajaca ChristinaGuajaca Jul 16, 2016
One of my 7th grade teachers didn't know me for 3/4 of the school year it was sad >~<
Not_a_Catch_Donnie Not_a_Catch_Donnie Jul 16, 2016
Where are people concerned about Corey, I'm the one who was ignored for a whole year. Talk about playing favorites