Kidnapped By My Alpha Mate

Kidnapped By My Alpha Mate

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Sharlynn By QuietTeardrops Updated Jan 28, 2016

I was brought up in to thinking they were the enemy.
In order to ensure our survival, they had to die.
That's how my mom died; ripped to shreds by these insane creatures.
It caused my father to push my training even harder, and soon, I learned to be a killer- just like him.

Even so, I could never make myself kill another living creature; even if they were supernatural. Seeing the light leave their eyes as their souls left their bodies... just the thought made me want to vomit.
That's what made me different, despite my genes, I was not a hunter and I knew I never would be. But, my father didn't need to know that.
My kindness would be my downfall, my enemy would become my family, and my family would become my killers.

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Call_Me_Bird Call_Me_Bird Apr 08, 2017
Fishtails are not simple it takes me like 20 minutes because it starts hurting my arms and then the way you do it in general is just not simple at all, good style choice though
nicegirl78 nicegirl78 Aug 20, 2016
First of all its too king abd no one is really talking don't like the fact that it's long
Yaage123 Yaage123 Mar 31, 2016
Well I'm not against the idea of rewriting the book. But I don't think it's a good idea. I believe when you start a book you just get better and it's just amazing when you get to the juicy parts and the author j just gets better in writing. Although this is still good
dragon_lover_ dragon_lover_ Aug 10, 2015
If I was Rosie, I would start punching these guys right about now. And throwing cole out of the front seat
dragon_lover_ dragon_lover_ Aug 10, 2015
I love how they say simple, then say something that is totally not simple. Makes her seem way cool. Cause let me tell u, it doesn't take a few minutes to do. More like 15
Dragonblazers Dragonblazers Aug 03, 2015
This is great! I loved the original and can't wait to hear the remake! ^_^