Alpha Black

Alpha Black

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"What makes you think you have something about your mate to complain about. So what he doesn't spend all his time with you." I growl at my friend whom is complaining about her mate.

"I would give anything to have my mate at least acknowledge that I'm here. My mate doesn't love me. He is cold and all I asked for was for someone to love me. I sleep in a guest room, I barely sleep, I don't have arms wrapped around me to protect me from my bad dreams or my nightmares of my past, you have nothing to complain about, my mate treats me like I'm not even there. But here you are. Complaining that you think yours has been distant. At least you have someone to comfort you at night when your sad or scared." I yell at her with tears down my face before running off out of the house and into the woods. Little did I know, Black was listening... The whole time. 

My name is Katalien Chinkcato. I am a legendary werewolf with a wolf form that has Phoenix colored fur. I am a powerful wolf sent to earth by my mother whom is the moon goddess. I was given a mate with no heart and no feelings of love or mercy. His name is Darnel James Black. The alpha of the Blackwood pack. The strongest pack in America. Maybe even the world. With a pack of almost 7,000 wolves and a territory that expands over 5 states. He has 5 betas and 5 thirds. One beta and third for each state. His main state is Colorado and the other states boarder it. His wolf stands at 8 feet tall. And it's pitch black. This beast has been given to me as a mate and I know I accept and love him. But I pray to my mother, to help him find it in his heart to accept and love me back.

Hopefully updated every Wednesday. No promises. I'll try my best. (Or sometime close to the day.)

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