Dimensional Suppression (Black Butler x Reader)

Dimensional Suppression (Black Butler x Reader)

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Senpai By ReverseThePolarity Updated Dec 15, 2017

Book Two in the Dimension™ Series.

You, the brightest and most intelligent young mind that has ever existed, had returned to your universe that was slowly falling apart due to your absence, but with one condition; The men of Black Butler had followed you into your world. 

Now, as you're stuck is this love pentagon, with almost all men being extremely perverted, you must find a way to save the Black Butler world from collapsing, ultimately destroying your world as well. 

Although, who the hell can concentrate when guys are constantly trying to get your attention?

Dear New Readers,

Bring tissues for the nosebleeds you're bound to get from all of the Corset Scene inspired sections of writing. And if you haven't, go read the first book. You won't be sorry.

Lots of Innuendos,

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                              cause of death... fangirl- I mean... jealous much...
muffins_the_greatest muffins_the_greatest Dec 28, 2017
People feel bad for heroins when their fiancés cheat and stuff but barely anyone cares for the others ;-; I'm glad a few of y'all do at least
Sayaka777 Sayaka777 Jan 07
She's gonna fall into a random demension cuz the glassy floor of the land in between demensions if still shattered from when (mostly) everyone went over to our demension
I dun want to give up that beautiful dagger! How could you Ciel! T_T
Azzy-chan Azzy-chan Dec 27, 2017
Daddy? Where have u been...
                              U SONOFABITCH!!
love-momo love-momo Dec 29, 2017
Me: *slowly raises hand*
                              Sister: *pushes it down slowly* shhhh just don't