Dimensional Suppression (Black Butler x Reader)

Dimensional Suppression (Black Butler x Reader)

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Senpai By ReverseThePolarity Updated Nov 11

Book Two in the Dimension™ Series.

You, the brightest and most intelligent young mind that has ever existed, had returned to your universe that was slowly falling apart due to your absence, but with one condition; The men of Black Butler had followed you into your world. 

Now, as you're stuck is this love pentagon, with almost all men being extremely perverted, you must find a way to save the Black Butler world from collapsing, ultimately destroying your world as well. 

Although, who the hell can concentrate when guys are constantly trying to get your attention?

Dear New Readers,

Bring tissues for the nosebleeds you're bound to get from all of the Corset Scene inspired sections of writing. And if you haven't, go read the first book. You won't be sorry.

Lots of Innuendos,

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Okayyy can someone share a Jesus with me? Or Holy water? I need both
@TheOfficialHolyWater  but it's a trick I bet. Author-chan just LOVES those.
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I honestly would just wanna be friends with Lizzie, she's not so bad ._.
Lizzy, if you dare freaking break the fourth wall, I will break your neck.
Come here right now Id go straight for you plEASE THEYRE DROWNING ME-