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Ciel x Reader - Falling For You (Completed)

Ciel x Reader - Falling For You (Completed)

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◇Anime Fan◇ By writerchxn Completed

Warning: This story includes violence, a little bit of gore, and strong languages.

The description is so bad I can't- 😂😂 I'm too lazy to fix it ;^;

You lost your Aunt in the woods and end up in the Phantomhive Manor. You have became a maid in order to stay. Ciel didn't really like you at first because you were a stranger staying in his mansion. As days past by you start building feelings for Ciel but you know you have no chance with him because he already have a fiancée name Lady Elizabeth. But one day Lady Elizabeth tell Ciel something shocking that makes Ciel available for anyone. A girl fell for him and that girl name Bryn really hates you and she threaten and hurt you all the time. Ciel seem to make Bryn his girlfriend to make you jealous and it did work. But sometimes Ciel show you some actions that he might like you. There's also this boy name Alois that is madly in love with you and he will do anything....Kill anything..To be married with you.

I do not own Black Butler or the characters! I do KINDA own the storyline and the made up characters though but the rest is own by its rightful owners!

[Status: Completed]

TheOnlyOna TheOnlyOna Apr 18
You: It's very cliche and cringy.
                              Me: So the story is legit me?
11mangle 11mangle Apr 28
Trust me there is nothing random about saying Ceil is cute I do it all the time XD Don'tjudgeme.
No offense, but you need to work on the grammar, other than that, I liked it so far.
MavisVey MavisVey Dec 19, 2016
Ciel is rather attractive...
                              *blushes lightly* 
                              I-I mean- I was just- um- I didn't say anything!
tomboyskylar tomboyskylar Nov 15, 2016
I'm listening to people that act like people from black butler play cards against humanity while reading this