Sealed Lips [Sealed Spy #1] | Wattpad Featured Story

Sealed Lips [Sealed Spy #1] | Wattpad Featured Story

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Zara 💕 By zaraahlie Completed

Amber Ryder's first instinct has always been survival.

When she kills her adoptive father after he drunkenly murders his children of blood, Amber is hastily recruited into a government-funded spy agency. And she's brought in by the last person she expected, a Popular at school by the name of Aiden Jake Thompson.

When things get heated and an enemy rises with plans for Amber, she knows that they're out for blood. Add in a couple of mole agents, the meddling Government and things that should not have been discovered, Amber and Aiden are in for a ride.

But never underestimate TrianOut.

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tbh I only started reading this because my name is also Talia but this sounds like it's going to actually be good. #bless
It okay!!
                              But still has some little mistake!!
                              But I'm enjoying it!!
guccitrashbag guccitrashbag Dec 08, 2016
😂😂😂 I love this paragraph, love a good strong female lead
Skylene345 Skylene345 Aug 06, 2016
At first I thought this was the book...not a note hehe.
                              My name is Andrea... :0
demigoddishness13 demigoddishness13 Aug 25, 2016
I do like romance... It's just some of the stuff on here is getting kinda cliché and annoying lol it's nice for a change 
                              Like I don't even bother with werewolf ones no offense 
                              And badboy ones for me are getting kinda old
Yours_Truly_Lucifer_ Yours_Truly_Lucifer_ Jul 27, 2016
I hate when u read a book about like maybe...the gang leader's daughter and then the whole book is just all about a failed relationship then they end up having a happily ever wtf