It's Not Perfect

It's Not Perfect

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Carebear! By The_Queen_97 Completed

Emma: shy, traumatized, and an ex-wild child.
Duke: violent, abusive, and out for revenge.
Ryder: sarcastic, sexy, and champion MMA fighter.

Emma is determined to slide through freshmen year at college as if she were invisible; no drama, no risks, and especially NO BOYS. Nothing that could risk the quiet life she's gotten so good at living.

Enter Ryder, an attractive and mysterious MMA fighter clad in tattoos and a fellow student at Emma's college. He has a notorious reputation for skipping classes, not to mention the fights he's constantly getting into and the trail of broken hearts he leaves wherever he goes. But there's something about him, something feral, that Emma finds fascinating.

So when Emma's past rises up for another round, will Ryder be able to protect her or will he fall prey to his own past that may be even more dangerous than Emma could possibly have imagined? In a world filled with danger and suspense, only time will tell if love will triumph when it comes to two individuals who aren't perfect...until they're together.

( p.s NOT a werewolf novel)
- © 2013

The first time they said his name I kind of skimmed over it, so when I read it this time I just sorts stared at it in shock then busted out laughing. I really like His nickname
Brooklyn is a big girl. She can go in herself if she wants to go so bad
Amya02 Amya02 Oct 12
The second sentence in this paragraph has created such imagery that I'm now sat in hysterics- i don't know why, but I can just imagine her turning around with a cartoon expression- like Elmo. Idk what's wrong with me???
Short cuts are bad in books and movies, haven't you learned Emma?
Haha I met my best friend in kindergarten (its been almost 9 years) so luckily I couldn't have called her a slut even if I meant it.
How the hell did I feel that like whhaaa Holmes you're a damn good writer and its still the first chapter.