Wrecking Ball || Luke Hemmings ||

Wrecking Ball || Luke Hemmings ||

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Pinga( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) By LukeyIsMine96 Completed

Book 1 in the Trilogy

A story in which a girl named Janet Johnson tries to break the walls of Luke Hemmings, the schools Fuck Boy. He has never been in a relationship since Aleisha and that crushed him causing him to isolate himself from the love world making him create walls protecting himself from any hurt. 

When Luke Hemmings moves over to her school, will he fall for her or will he keep his walls up and break her?

drflukeisbae1996 drflukeisbae1996 Nov 04, 2016
why couldnt the main girls name be gabby then it would be like im that girl
calputonsomeboxers calputonsomeboxers Sep 15, 2016
If you guys know hey violet you'll laugh at this reference 
                              Yeah he's a fuqboi
potatodealer273 potatodealer273 Nov 20, 2016
Alarm clocks....because every morning should start with a heart attack😂😂
suckmyasshtonirwin suckmyasshtonirwin Sep 10, 2016
Me- Don't worry Luek I'll teach you how to stalk, I do it to you all the time!
                              Luke- what?
                              Me- what
- - Nov 29, 2015
Matthew Espinosa, Nash Grier, Caspar Lee and Joe Sugg? This book just gets better and better