Not So Scary (Punk L.R.H. |au-ish|) [COMPLETED]

Not So Scary (Punk L.R.H. |au-ish|) [COMPLETED]

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Chapter 1


{Nikki's POV}

"Mom why do we have to move to Australia?!?" I say very annoyed.

"Your dad doesn't get to decide where his company assignes him sweety." She states calmly

"oh. my. gosh!" I mumble to myself

Even though I have known that we were moving for months I still get pissed just thinking about it. And we are only gonna be there for a year! But 'we cant leave a minor home alone while we are in a seperate country.' 

I gues they are techically right but im 16! And I still jave my junior and senior years of highschool. 

My life is over.

We are leaving in the next few months, it's already summer and our flight to Sydney is scheduled for the first week in August. Its now the end of June.

So now I have a month to finish packing, and say goodbye to all my friends...

*about a month later*

"Holly im gonna miss you so much." I tell my best friend, I'm leaving in a week.

"Ya know what? I am too, but lets have some fun before y...

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My best friend said if she ever died I should make puns at her funeral
girl dont run in the middle of the day youre gonna get sizzled like a piece of bacon you gotta run either in the wee hours of the morning or at night
purelrh purelrh Jun 16
the other day I went on their school website and there is a whole entire section of the website dedicated to 5sos I was screaming
ilove5sos135 ilove5sos135 Dec 07, 2016
i would like literally just die of laughter if something like this happened to me
Cuddling_jonah Cuddling_jonah Dec 12, 2016
You don't need him
                              Cuz it really makes me sick
                              Just sayin 
                              Just sayin!
LilySimpsonn LilySimpsonn Aug 02, 2016
Why so healthy? What's wrong with Pizza and Mc Donald's? That's all I eat. Eat and sleep and then repeat