Dark Rides

Dark Rides

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Sky's parents love her, but how they get money, what their jobs are. It's off limits, you don't talk about it and Sky is clueless.
When they are shot she winds up with seizures and a grandmother who punishes her for keeping her son's soul trapped in her head.
Andi's mom died giving birth to her, he told her she took away her father's true love and he reminded her every day. Punches, kicks, and hiding the bruises left behind became her life. When he tried to rape her she called the police, unable to take it anymore.
A few years later Andi meets Sky.
Three months later Andi turns eighteen.
One week later Sky's legal guardian is Andi.
Three years later and daddy is about to get out of jail.
Sky's past catches up to them one month before he is released.

You can't run forever. 

So they go to the local bike gang, pleading for protection. 
Will they they able to save them?


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marlee2017 marlee2017 Jun 07, 2017
My mom was abused emotionally by her younger brother.
                              She okay now. She had my dad who help her though it.
danesskie danesskie Sep 21, 2016
ok i got slightly confused reading the description.  but on the prologue i agree abuse is happening a lot the abusers love the fear they get from the victim's because it is all about power with those abusing scum bags AND WHOEVER GET ABUSED IMMEDIATELY SEEK OUT HELP.