Waiting for Everest

Waiting for Everest

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Camille Settlemeyer’s life revolves around two great natural wonders—Mount Everest, the highest point on Earth, and Matt Everest, the boy she’s been in love with ever since they met at rock climbing camp five years ago. She might have to wait a few more years before her parents let her fly off to Nepal to scale the world’s tallest summit, but this summer Camille’s going to hit the road with Matt for one last climbing expedition before they part ways for college. Camille is convinced that a couple days alone with Matt in a beat-up van will make him realize they’re destined to be together. 

What she doesn’t account for is Matt bringing along his best friend from climbing camp, Tucker O’Hara, who possess an encyclopedic knowledge of the constellations and a sense of humor drier than the sprawling Arizona desert. Camille doesn’t like how much of a know-it-all Tuck is, or how his gorgeous older sister seems to steal every last bit of Matt’s attention. But Camille’s about to learn that even the best climbers need a compass sometimes.

(Written October 2014 for Wattpad's promotion of the film "The Best of Me")

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Raven1315 Raven1315 Mar 10
I fricking love your story's so much!!! Hahah omg you are so amazing and I'm very excited for the next update of the not-to-be-named story when ever it comes ❤❤❤❤
OMG I added this story without knowing that you're the same author to Accidental Tourists (wait did I get the title right? Um oops) AND THAT STORY WAS AMAZING!!!
I love rock climbing it my fav thing to do so this is the best book for me , also you may have inspired me 2 write my own book
PonyGirl3450 PonyGirl3450 Jan 07, 2016
You have no idea how much this means!! I'm from Nepal and most people just look at me and stare like I'm from a different planet when I tell them I'm from Nepal...
goofcheez2803 goofcheez2803 Oct 08, 2015
The last sentence I started fangirling over and #Blaverly for like