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Viano Oniomoh By vee_ano Updated Feb 04, 2016

  Bill Anderson has a secret.
  Copyright © 2015 Viano Oniomoh 
  All rights reserved.

eilyk_04 eilyk_04 Mar 08, 2016
This is more like a homophobic mom that says he is straight and just confuse. Lol 😁
NoirMonehrah NoirMonehrah Apr 18, 2016
Wether it was your intention or not, this is really making me think of the frustrations of transgender people and gender roles and stereotypes.
BigBootyRudy BigBootyRudy Mar 03, 2016
Re-reading this and like...this is the cutest thing ever, bby Bill is adorable
SomethingClever_H SomethingClever_H Oct 31, 2016
Oh why would you toy with me in this way? I mean I figured Bill had a heart somewhere and that he had a reason for his actions, but DAMN what are you doing to me? D;
La_Dee_Da La_Dee_Da Apr 08, 2016
So happy that we get more of the world of rise above 🙌🏻 One of my favourite stories on here! 😭💗
KissndChips KissndChips Nov 15, 2015
Wooooow.I'm still in awe at how good your set up for these two  stories  is.